Prep 15 mins
Cooking 10 mins
Serves 4

Pork neck steaks are a great choice for the braai as they are generally quite tender and have fantastic marbling, with the small bits of fat keeping the meat juicy during the braai while at the same time imparting flavour to the meat. Pork should be braaied more well than beef or lamb, and that means there is an increased risk the meat will be dry by the time it is ready to eat. In this recipe we manage that potential problem by adding cheese on top of each steak during the final stages of the braai. The cheese will melt, add great taste and texture, and counteract any danger of a dry piece of meat. We know mustard and cheese go well together and we know mustard and pork are good braai mates – together the three of them give you a burger that tastes great and can easily be prepared on the road as you need so few ingredients and equipment for it! Your first choice for meat here is pork neck steaks and not pork neck chops as the latter have a piece of bone in them. If you can’t find pork neck steaks, go for deboned pork loin chops/steaks. Failing that, debone some yourself by simply cutting the bones out of the steaks.


  • 4 pork neck steaks
  • 4 hamburger rolls
  • Dijon and/or wholegrain mustard
  • Cape Herb and Spice LOUISIANA CAJUN
  • 160g Lancewood Cheddar cheese (sliced or grated)


‘Butter’ each pork neck steak on both sides with mustard. Technically we could also say ‘mustard’ each pork neck steak on both sides. Use Dijon, wholegrain or a combination of the two. Spice with Cape Herb & Spice Louisiana Cajun Rub.

Braai the meat over hot coals for about 10 to 15 minutes until done. You want to turn them fairly regularly so that the mustard on the steaks doesn’t burn. During this time you can also sprinkle or grind a bit of salt onto each piece of meat.

During the final minute or two of the braai, place the cheese onto each piece of meat. The heat of the meat and fire should melt the cheese.

Insert each braaied pork neck steak into a roll and enjoy!

AND...For me this recipe ticks all the boxes of greatness: easy ingredients, minimal preparation, easy to do, looks good and tastes great. If you’re on a road trip and the craving to braai speaks to you, answer its call with this one.


Recipe and pictures by: Jan Braai